Five Top Tips For Stress Free Travel

11 December 2015

Five Top Tips For Stress Free Travel

Long distance travel. Whether it’s via car or airplane, one trip can quickly turn into the journey from hell if you’re unprepared for it. To help avoid any last minute hiccoughs, we’ve devised five top tips for stress free travel.

1. Get plenty of sleep beforehand

Firstly, we can’t emphasise enough how important it is for you to get a decent night’s sleep the evening before you travel. Try to have an early night if you can. It may sound obvious, but if you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, you’ll be much more prepared for your upcoming journey than if you’re drained and exhausted.

2. Devise a checklist

Spending five or ten minutes in silence to sit down and make a short list can do the world of good. Try writing down everything you need to remember to take with you. Make a note of important times for the day ahead (e.g. what time your flight is, or what time you need to be at the airport). Jot down a few alternative plans just in case anything goes wrong. This way, you can be sure of exactly what you need to take with you, what time you need to be ready by and what you can do if anything alters your original plans.

3. Lay everything out the night before

And why not spend a further five minutes laying out the things you’ll need in the morning or on your journey? Laying out tomorrow’s outfit, for instance, means you can just get up and get dressed as soon as you wake up. This way, you can be sure to avoid running around in the morning like a headless chicken looking for your passport.

4. Set your watch an hour ahead

Think about how panicked and rushed you can feel when you realise you only have five minutes before you have to be somewhere. Now think about how much better that would feel when you realise you actually have an hour and five minutes before you have to leave. A small, simple change like setting your watch an hour ahead can make the world of difference to the way you feel that day. It also means you’re more prepared for when the time eventually does come for you to be at your next destination.

5. Listen to calming music

Try choosing something smooth and instrumental; something that you can close your eyes to and let your thoughts wander. Listening to this type of music during your journey will help pass the time and keep you occupied during long distance travel, it will clear your head and get you in the right frame of mind.

Bonus Tip: Let someone else do the travelling for you

Ok, we’re not talking about getting someone else to go on the entire trip on your behalf. We’re talking about having someone take you to and from your destination. If you’re travelling abroad for instance, why not have a professional driver take you to the airport? If you’re carrying out various business meetings, a corporate car service or executive airport transfer could be the solution.

If that sounds interesting and you’d like to hear more about how your next journey could be made a little simpler, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to take you wherever you need to go.