Corporate Car Service Accounts & Executive Airport Transfers

13 November 2015

Corporate Car Service Accounts & Executive Airport Transfers

Did you know we don’t just take holiday makers to and from the airport? We also have a number of corporate taxi accounts, assisting businesses from all across Shropshire and the UK by transporting important legal documents, clients, businessmen and women to their required destination.

So whether your legal documents need to arrive safely by a specific time or you simply want a stylish, hassle-free journey to or from the airport or train station, for yourself or a client, we can help.

Executive airport transfers

First impressions mean everything. And if you have an upcoming meeting with an important client, you want to ensure their journey runs smoothly. What better way to keep them happy than by arranging for them to arrive at your headquarters in style?

When leaving the airport, our driver will be ready and waiting for your client, together with a name board, and we will escort them to one of our immaculate Jaguar XFs. Ensuring we take the most efficient route, your client will experience a peaceful, chauffeured style service, allowing them plenty of time to relax or prepare for your upcoming meeting.

Alternatively, why not let us take you to the airport if you’re travelling abroad for business? Whether your journey takes thirty minutes, or three hours, we will take away the hassle involved in travelling to the airport, assuring you arrive at the gate within plenty of time for your flight.

Corporate taxi accounts

We’ve been in this business for more than 25 years now and, during this time, we’ve built fantastic relationships with many businesses, both locally and nationally. Over the years, we’ve been trusted to courier important legal documents, drive international students to Shropshire schools and pick up businessmen from airports and railway stations to take them to their destination.

To find out more about the specific companies we’ve worked with over the years, visit our ‘Clients’ page.

We’re always keen to develop relationships with businesses around the country and we’re interested in hearing more about your business’ transportation requirements. So if you’d like to find out more about our corporate car services and executive airport transfers, or if you’d like to arrange a corporate taxi account with us, please feel free to give us a call.